July 25th 2014

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July 23rd 2014



July 18th 2014


Today, I was rushing to work because I had to pee so bad. I went down to the train to check if it was coming. When I saw it was a five minute wait, I started to head upstairs. I turned around started to walk up as some people started to come down but I moved out the way before I reached them. Then…

July 15th 2014

Policy advisory

July 12th 2014


I don’t understand how metrocards are so fucking expensive and the trains are still always fucked up instead of adding a train during rush hour so ppl can wait 2 less minutes add a train after midnight so ppl don’t gotta wait 2 fucking hours….. wat they don’t got no funding? ?? 250 for a ride n this the service I get

July 10th 2014


Hyperrealistic commute, Hisaya Taira

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July 09th 2014

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July 02nd 2014
New York's Shadow Transit

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July 01st 2014

On a Tuesday Morning. #ltrainmadness


On a Tuesday Morning. #ltrainmadness

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