August 01st 2014

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July 31st 2014


I hate getting stuck on the train because I have unlimited time to think about all my failed relationships and how irritating each man was.

July 31st 2014


This girl dropped her iced coffee on the train and felt so embarrassed about it. She got off the train to wait for the next. Leaving her past behind.

July 26th 2014


Walking out of this subway, and this guy had the fucking nerve to grab my arm to try and talk to me. I tell him to get the fuck off, and he has the nerve to call ME rude. Don’t fucking touch me.

July 25th 2014

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July 23rd 2014



July 18th 2014


Today, I was rushing to work because I had to pee so bad. I went down to the train to check if it was coming. When I saw it was a five minute wait, I started to head upstairs. I turned around started to walk up as some people started to come down but I moved out the way before I reached them. Then…

July 15th 2014

Policy advisory

July 12th 2014


I don’t understand how metrocards are so fucking expensive and the trains are still always fucked up instead of adding a train during rush hour so ppl can wait 2 less minutes add a train after midnight so ppl don’t gotta wait 2 fucking hours….. wat they don’t got no funding? ?? 250 for a ride n this the service I get

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